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The year is flying by and a lot has happened for which we thank God for His generosity through His wonderful people, our donors...

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2019 Anchor


Betty and Katie returned to Damien House and Julio Matevello in the fall to spend the money all of our donors provide!!!

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2018 anchor


2017 has been a very busy year for FHMB.

Our Annual Spaghetti Dinner fundraiser was March 6 with so many volunteers, I hesitate to name any one, but...

2017 anchor
2016 anchor


God Blessed FHMB abundantly in 2016 with a hugely successful fundraiser,  ongoing supporters, with a mission trip and end of the year gifts...


Another great trip was made in 2014. Please download the newsletter to view the update. All this could not be possible without your support. Thank you!

2014 Anchor


"In our hearts, Kathy and I wondered silently how dangerous the “unexpected” would be in Ecuador. We’d heard stories about kidnappings, but as we left LA, we felt at ease ...

2013 Anchor


"We assisted Padre PJ Hughes, Pastor of the Parish of Jesu Cristo Pan de Vida and Escuela Julio Matevelo. FHMB provided the school with three..."

2012 Anchor


" We went to a new community of San Francisco Dos with a Society of St. James the Apostle priest, Father PJ Hughes, known as Padre Patrcio..."

2011 Anchor


"We did not stay in Guasmo this year, as there have been so many changes with Hospital Madre Berenice. It is now under the direction of the ..."

2010 Anchor
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